Product Engineering Manager / Operations Engineering Manager
en Shellcatch

Ciudad de México, Cuauhtémoc
$ Entre 25000 - 40000 (approx.)

Sobre la empresa

Shellcatch se especializa en tecnologías de aplicaciones móviles para crear herramientas de monitoreo, trazabilidad, informes electrónicos y desarrollo de mercado de los buques.

¿Qué vas a hacer?

As a Product Engineering Manager you'll be responsible for the software and hardware development team running one of our most important operations. You’ll be responsible for meeting the needs of our customers and internal business stakeholders with the team of software and hardware developers you’ll lead, develop, and drive results through.

You'll have the opportunity to help shape the future direction of the company and the larger technical organization of the group.

Duties and responsibilities:

- Day-to-day support and optimization of deployed systems.
- Interprets and executes policies and procedures that affect subordinate areas.
- Help identify and prioritize business opportunities.
- Team and organizational development and performance management.
- Continued focus on process improvement.
- Delivering on commitments.
- Organizational planning.
- Budgetary responsibility.
- Strategic project planning.
- Any other reasonable activity required by management/leadership.
- Oversea Design.
- Responsible for release management, coordination, SCRUM supervision and adherence to quality standards for multiple products, beta testing support.
- Identifies operational priorities by assessing operational objectives; determining project objectives, such as, efficiency, cost savings; estimating relevance, time, and costs.
- Build an effective customer support experience to make our users successful, includes client training and report writting (English and Spanish).
- Develop and Implement standard operating procedures and best practices for operations and support of built software and hardware. Examples include client relationship management and issue tools like Zendesk.
- Define, acquire, and maintain tools to improve the efficiency of the operations and technical support and track compliance with standard operating procedures. Manage vendor agreements, relationships and hardware inventory.
- Work with the Product Owner to estimate, schedule and provide resource allocation for software development tasks within the team and coordinate with project managers and other departments to get projects released on time.
- Recommends, supports and/or installs software applications to meet the growing needs of the organization.
- Establishes policies, standards, practices, and security measures to ensure effective and consistent information processing operations and to safeguard information resources.
- Relies on experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals.
- Develop and implement software development methodologies and processes to improve quality and increase team effectiveness.
- Reports to CEO.
- Acts as a fully integrated team member by participating in the daily scrums, sprint planning, sprint reviews, and retrospectives.
- Engages with stakeholders to understand needs, priorities, and to capture requirements for operational needs.
- Communicates project and team status outside the team to stakeholders according to prioritized business goals and information needs.
- Communicates internally and externally to maintain and improve transparency with stakeholders.

¿Qué estamos buscando?

- 2 + years of Operations Manager.
- Previous experience in managing a team of developers, balancing multiple high-impact projects for midsize to large corporations.
- A degree in a computer and or electronics related field in conjunction with courses in software and programming.
- Must possess in-depth knowledge of software and hardware lifecycles and software practices and how to best apply them for short and long term sustainable systems and teams.

Working conditions:
Job could require travel to USA, Mexico, Chile, Peru and the Carribbean. While performing the
duties of this job, the team member is regularly required to sit for extended periods of time.
This position works with remote operations and requires constant communication using internet
voice tools such as google hangouts and Skype.


Lu, Ma, Mi, Ju, Vi 9:00am 6:00pm