Salarios :$30,000 a $50,000 netos
Ciudad de México, -


As a Business Operations Associate, you will move fast with the team and work on cross-functional projects to help develop company’s business. You will work closely with company’s leadership team to identify new challenges and tackle them with data-driven solutions.

We are looking for a teammate who is adaptable, highly driven, detail-oriented, and hands-on; someone who has a passion for solving difficult problems. You will be expected to work with the leadership team in most aspects of the business (sales, merchant success, product, operations, legal, marketing, business development, risk, finance, and analytics) to deliver insights and help implement strategies and processes that enable the company to scale. The role is based in CDMX, but there is no expectation of going back to an office until January 2021.

Things you’ll do:
  • Lead operational excellence efforts by identifying inefficiencies and automating processes to enable performance at scale.
  • Contribute to the company’s strategic product decisions across payments, sales, collections by conducting data-driven analysis of market conditions and competitors.
  • Identify gaps in our operation we haven't thought of yet, and jump in to fill them yourself.
  • Help organize and prioritize responsibilities across the Operations team.
  • Support the company's planning and budgeting process.



  • 1-3 years of work experience.
  • A strong professional background in startups, consulting, banking, international development.
  • Exceptional project management abilities - you are known for getting things done.
  • Proven track record of problem-solving and digging into the numbers.
  • An obsession with productivity tools and process automation.
  • A self-starting attitude: You work independently and effectively, with little oversight or management.
  • A desire to work hard in a fast paced, dynamic environment with high energy and mission driven colleagues
What we offer:

  • Significant equity in the company.
  • Competitive salary.
  • Opportunity to take on significant responsibilities and grow with the company.

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