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The role will lead deployment of Data and Analytics initiatives for the company through implementation and use of data management, customer analytics, business intelligence, and advanced analytics. Oversees Data Manager, Data Scientist, and Business Intelligence. Responsible for coordination with other areas and data consolidation across de company.


  • Oversees Data and Analytics team, ensures efficient and frequent communication to optimize process within the area and across areas.
  • Design and ensure implementation of metrics for Loyalty Program than ensure proper program measurements, by using multivariate statistics and machine learning, continued tracking.
  • Oversee design of Business Case and projections for LP to ensure program feasibility and strategic decisions making though analysis and management of information.
  • Ensure data generated from Loyalty Program is consolidated across the company to maximize value from customer data and leverage for ideation of new use cases.
  • Guidance and monitoring of collection of data in order to ensure data quality and integrity.
  • Coordinate with IT for data engineering and architecture to ensure efficient and frequent collection of data.
  • Oversee creation of customer strategy dashboard and analytics, suggesting improvements when necessary and ensuring processes are automated whenever possible to maximize efficient and value from analysis.
  • Guidance in definition and implementation of required BI and KPIs that will measure LP and in design of overall program measurement methodology and for specific campaigns.
  • Assess results from customer segmentation, providing input to align on final details when designing new campaigns.
  • Oversee and communicate customer analyses queries for team and/or other areas.
  • Align campaign strategy and calendar with CRM, ensure program feasibility.
  • Guidance in ideation of new cases, communicating relevant information from function with appropriate areas.
  • Coordinate development of advanced analytics models for complex used cases, including models, cells and segments.
  • Responsible for measurement of ROI of actions, approving design of control groups across mechanics and campaigns and reporting campaign results to appropriate areas.
  • Comply with the application of the company´s cultural processes and rituals.

Relevant Decisions of the Role:

  • Selection of appropriate indexes and metrics for program measurement, definition an implementation of KPIs.
  • Supervision of development of measurement methodologies for overall program and specific campaigns.
  • Co-responsible for ideations of new cases.
  • Definition of campaigns strategies.

Role Contribution Complexities:

  • high level of complexity in analysis conducted and big data management, ensuring tracking not only at a segment level but also at a customer level.
  • Key in communicating results from loyalty data analysis so that it can be leveraged to make new decisions and ideate new cases as program evolves.
  • Coordination with IT to ensure quality and integrity of data that is being captured, essential for trustworthy data analyses and program insights.
  • Excel in management of different programming languages in order to audit and suggest processes for data team (R,SQL, Phython, and Spark).


  • Bachelor´s Degree.
  • 7+ years of experience in Data Analysis.
  • Advanced English.
  • Strategic Vision.
  • Organization skills.
  • Decisions maker
  • Systematic thinking.
  • Client orientation.

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