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The role will generate, develop, coordinate, implement and track performance of program campaigns and communication strategies that contribute to in-store traffic, loyalty program customer acquisition, and increased value for customers, generating emotional connections with consumers and influencing in their purchase behavior towards products and services that we offer. This with the purpose of ensuring sustainable sales growth.


  • Define desired/ideal customer experience for loyalty, setting base for the development and management of customer contact strategies and of specific campaigns, defining and optimizing an adequate channel mix (PoS, vs App, vs Web).
  • Map and evaluate priority customer journeys to identify opportunities to attract new customers to the loyalty program and to increase value proposition for current members; implement through ideation and development (along with Data Scientists) of new use cases to be launched campaigns within the program, considering customer treatment plan and campaign adaptation by channel. Ensure leveraging of past campaign learnings to incorporate into new ideations.
  • Define customer segments to witch each use case will be applied to, identifying control groups defined by Data team and coordinating with Data Scientists to define campaign specific KPIs and adequate measurement methodology.
  • Define coordination with store ops to ensure feasibility of proposed campaigns.
  • Define strategies and actions plans for digital media communication to amplify established base strategy for the company brand and proprietary brands in the different digital platforms, contemplating promotional content in-store as well as digital positioning, ensuring proper homologation of the message that is being communicated. Share strategies and action plans with digital marketing for execution.
  • Establish criteria that allow detonating alerts to detect any trends that might represent opportunities or pose risk through digital conversation monitoring.
  • Define rules for continuous monitoring of social media through social hearing tools, Google, Facebook, among others, with the purpose of ensuring digital marketing´s correct execution of digital media content strategies and managing MIRC process crisis control cases.
  • Supervise analysis of current Marketing Automation Software (marketo) to identify its capabilities and map when migration to CRM will be required.
  • Coordinate definition CRM requirements (e.g contact mg mts, client interactions, tracking, data base mgmt, mktg and campaign mgmt, knowledge mgmt, mobile support, functional requirements, deployment environment, security, etc.
  • Supervise supplier analysis for CRM vendors, evaluating key functionalities vs. requirements post-purchase support provided (vs. in-house capabilities), cost comparison, compatibility with the company, data and software, among others, and decide witch one to purchase.
  • Develop testing strategies for all aspects of the CRM and coordinate with all relevant areas to ensure proper functioning of selected CRM-
  • Oversee the creating of implementation calendar for defined customer communication and CRM activities and communicate to Loyalty Program Owner, incorporating any relevant feedback regarding overall loyalty program activity roadmap.
  • manage the analysis of the LP, to identify program´s areas of opportunity and propose adjustments to improve value offering.
  • Plan and coordinate the development of digital media and loyalty CRM activities budget, assigning it for different needs with the purpose of optimizing the budget.
  • Comply with the company´s culture to processes and rituals.

Relevant Decisions of the Role:

  • Define Strategy for media / direct marketing.
  • Define and prioritize use case initiatives for loyalty program along with required communication strategies that will result in customer acquisition and increase in traffic/frequency of current ones.
  • Coordinate definition of relevant KPIs for campaigns and adequate measurement methodologies.
  • Select information dashboards that will help evaluate and adjust different initiatives, driving strategies for consumer habit knowledge for appropriate decision making.
  • Develop content strategy.
  • Generate action plans through the analysis of individual customers (and segments) of Loyalty Program and propose adjustments in program and/or communication strategies.

Role Contribution Complexities:

  • Translate customer behavior into clear action plans for effective commercial decision making and elaboration of ad hoc use case campaigns with proper communication for every customer profile, contributing to preference and increased in-store traffic.
  • Identify improvement opportunities from ongoing campaigns to make ongoing adjustments and leverage learning of campaign impact to improve effectiveness of proposed new use cases.
  • Ensure optimization of time & budget for customer related activities to maximize value.
  • Track customer segment performance to ensure value proposition in adequate for all profiles and/or propose adjustments.


  • Bachelor´s Degree.
  • 7+ years of experience in Customer Acquisition.
  • Advanced English.
  • Strategic Vision.
  • Organization skills.
  • Decisions maker
  • Systematic thinking.
  • Client orientation (must).
  • Effective relations (must).

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