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The role will lead customer strategy focused efforts, including loyalty program, by defining goals, objectives and priorities in order to coordinate efforts of every function within the area with the purpose of generating incremental value for the company´s customers.


  • Responsible for setting the vision and overall business strategy for overall customer strategy.
  • Coordinate with Loyalty Program Owner the development of strategy for Loyalty Program from current state to nation wide roll out, including defining long-term goals and strategies.
  • Prioritize area´s needs based on information gathered from all functions with Customer Strategy and from other Support Functions such as Marketing and Digital, and assisting relevant functions in translating them into actionable plans.
  • Provide guidance for initial definition of earn and burn mechanics, required functionalities and cost allocation for CAC.
  • Accountable for end result of app and web developments, including user experience and content that they are presented with.
  • Supervise work from each reporting function, requesting monthly performance reports and additional ad-hoc update meeting to understand progress and areas of opportunities.
  • Provide guidance when required, acting as support to ensure teams are motivated and understand value of their work, driving teams, talent and culture.
  • Identify opportunities to influence customer behavior, leveraging reports received from Marketing Customer Insights, Loyalty Program results (eg. Most redeemed reward, churn rate, changes in frequency and basket) and impact of specific use case campaigns to consolidate different areas of knowledge for a more comprehensive view of what might work.
  • Develop strategies to optimize individual or personalized customer communication and interactions, pushing towards enabling segmentation and personalization use cases that will increase effectiveness of messages.
  • Accountable for Customer Strategy P&L, must monitor cost of rewards in catalogue sales uplift from program and overall customer strategies in order to adjust goals and/or objectives wherever necessary to ensure value is being created.
  • Responsible in the short term for developing, managing and implementing information packages (monetization) that generate value for the Loyalty Program and that can be offered for sale to different vendors. Planning and Business Development responsible in the long term.
  • Continuous monitoring of customer strategy initiatives and LP performance in order to identify additional opportunities and/or challenges and reacting accordingly to capture additional value or mitigate impediments, respectively with the purpose of driving growth and success.
  • Comply with the company´s culture processes and rituals.

Relevant Decisions for Role:

  • Lead adequately the Customer Strategy team in order to effectively drive strategy, growth, excellence and talent.
  • Definition and prioritization of area´s main goals.
  • Ensure proper translation of defined goals into actionable plans for each function/team.

Role Contribution Complexities:

  • High Level of vision and critical reasoning required to set proper vision, goals and objectives for the area.
  • High level of leadership skills requires to ensure committed and motivated teams tha will outperform and generate additional value.
  • Drive day to day operations to ensure timely delivery of goals as established.


  • Bachelor´s Degree.
  • 7+ years of experience in Customer Strategy.
  • Advanced English.
  • Strategic Vision.
  • Organization skills.
  • Decisions maker.
  • Systematic thinking.
  • Client orientation.

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