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Ciudad de México,


As Head of Product, you will have the unique opportunity to drive the product vision for an early stage startup tackling a multi trillion dollar industry in dire need of digitization.

You will work very closely with the C-suite as well all key internal and external stakeholders to enable critical prioritization for our design, engineering, and product teams.

Your work will be foundational in helping define the company as a leading startup in an industry where the average customer NPS is negative or very low, and where most internal processes do not rely on modern software tools to augment productivity.

  • Report directly to the CEO/founder, and collaborate with CTO, Operations & Sales leaders, to drive the vision of our three software products (shippers, carriers, and internal teams).
  • Ideate, wireframe, prioritize, and ship features of products for customers moving millions of dollars worth of product between Mexico and USA.
  • Product brainstorming sessions with our C-suite, board, founders, engineers, operations teams, and designers on the strategy of our shipper, carrier, and internal team products.
  • Iterate on product decisions with engineers and designers to strike the balance of shipping quickly, making user impact, and writing maintainable code.
  • Act as the connective tissue between between engineering, internal business stakeholders, customers, and management.
  • Analyze user engagement metrics to form data-driven improvements.
  • Drive creative product marketing and unique user acquisition campaigns that don’t feel forced.
  • Video call with key stakeholders in both Mexico and USA to understand their pain points in moving freight across the biggest trade lane in the world: Mexico <> USA.
  • Become the voice of our customers and stakeholders by listening to podcasts, reading blog posts, and interviewing influential people in both the worlds of logistics & technology.


  • You speak both English & Spanish fluently. For this particular role, seamlessly switching between English & Spanish is a must. A typical day could involve calling up both trucking companies in Mexico in Spanish and Fortune 100 C-level executives in USA in English.
  • You think about the big picture and dig into the details. You think about the overall product, the brand, and most importantly, the user from ideation to ship. You effortlessly navigate between thinking about the why, the what, to the details behind how we build. 
  • You create structure out of ambiguity. Logistics is a complex industry with multiple stakeholders involved in every transaction. You will thrive here if you can extract structured insights and determine product priorities by merely observing and conversing with our stakeholders.
  • You move with speed. You move incredibly fast, making decisions and overcoming obstacles with speed. You are not afraid of jumping into the code base or getting into the nitty gritty operations to increase velocity on the team.
  • You are both a great communicator and listener. You are great at synthesizing inputs from different sources; you speak and write clearly, concisely, and with a structure that gets everyone on the same page when things feel messy.
  • You are low ego. Collaboration is your best method. You don’t care or remember who came up with the best idea. Engineers, designers, and execs all love working with you because you make them all feel heard and you’re able to find a middle ground in dissenting opinions. 
  • You have a track record of shipping web and/or mobile apps that users love.
  • You have at least 4 years experience working as a product manager or product leadership at a venture-backed startup.
  • You are open to relocating to NYC or Mexico City. If you already live in one of those two cities, great! This is not a remote role.

This will NOT be a good fit for you if:

  • You believe the PM is the "CEO of the product." While the CEO & PM roles have some interesting similarities, we believe great product managers acknowledge and embrace why the two roles are starkly different. 
  • You want to work with only "tech" folks. Modernizing an industry like logistics requires patience and empathy; you need to be excited about surprising and delighting stakeholders that come from a world outside of Silicon Valley.

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