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We are looking for an Online Marketing Analyst to join Listopro, a hiring marketplace that connects qualified sales/business candidates with top companies. Companies get access to pre-screened talents, while candidates get direct invitations from top companies, instead of losing time applying on various job boards. We are a strong team with experience at Rocket Internet, Linio, hellofood and Groupon, that want to revolutionize the hiring and recruiting market in Latin America. In 2 years, we have achieved being the agency with most digital traffic, have about 200 companies hiring, +200.000 registered and did this with limited resources (raised only 300.000 USD of which 100.000 USD were equity free grants from YCombinator, Startup Chile, Parallel18. We are creating a unique culture, with 30 employees working entirely remote and all have clear KPIs. We also have an office at WeWork in Mexico City and encourage our team to spend some time there :) What will you be doing: The Online Marketing Analyst position will be responsible for the implementation and analysis of certain processes in our digital strategy. Analyze and perform improvement actions for the acquisition channels. It is responsible for increasing the number of new leads & candidates monthly through performance strategies that contribute to the business strategy and maximization of our ROI. It will be primarily responsible for increasing traffic to the site and applications. Your responsibility will be big as you will be impacting Listopro’s revenue and growth, and will include: - Implementation, control and monitoring of the digital strategy. - Creation, optimization and analysis of Job Portals and Marketing automation campaigns. - Analysis and Results Reports. .


- Bachelor Degree: Communication, Marketing, or Advertising. - Young & with High Energy: you need to be always available and make sure the campaigns are working well :) - English is necessary! - Hard-working: be ready to work long hours if needed and get sh*t done :) - Self-learner: be able to build things by yourself, and if you have no guidance, find yourself a solution (Google is a free resource to everyone ;)) - Who is fast and loves being efficient: You are focused and prefer doing one thing at a time, but you are able to be always connected and fast in replying. - You love tracking KPIs, make sure you and your team work smartly and efficiently. - Who loves technology & startups: you know that if we use technology well, we can make our hours of work more meaningful (i.e. we love tools that make us more efficient). - With relevant experience in sales, preferably in a startup environment. - You love structure, maths and order ;) - Who loves being efficient: you love tracking KPIs, make sure you and your team work smartly and efficiently.
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