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Monterrey, Monterrey


We are looking for 2 UX/UI lead designers (One more senior / one more junior). The role will be:

- Initially remote 

- Then in Monterrey

- Note if you are interested in working remotely only as a contractor, this is a possibility

The role will develop customer experience and interface design of the digital product in collaboration with product owners & technology teams. Test designs and gather feedback from users to optimize usability.


● Product vision:

- Communicate the consumer product’s vision and articulate design decisions logic, benefits and trade-offs.

- Identify and collect exemplars and articulate their design logic, benefits and tradeoffs. - Participate in visual problem-solving with product and technology team.

- Incorporate user research and usability testing to iterate on product solutions.

● Consumer behavior analysis:

- Consider the moments of engagement, or touch-points with the consumer and translate these into concepts, personas, user journeys, storyboards, system maps, user flows, wireframes, visual design comps and prototypes with Sketch, Adobe CS, InVision, and other tools.

- Create unique and culturally-relevant solutions to engage users with valuable experiences Synthesize user feedback, user research and user data into actionable product decisions.

● Wireframe and Visual Prototype design:

- Develop information architecture to define the application flow and information exchange.

- Build and deliver UI assets to development teams to build application frontend.

- Perform user testing both quantitatively and qualitatively to capture user feedback on UI/UX and iterate the design that aligns with customer’s expectation/behavior.

Important decisions of the role:

- Define general look and flow of consumer product.

- Validate any enhancements to visual design or customer experience.

- Release timeframes for prototypes.

- Prioritize research or user feedback driven changes.


- Define design process and decision making including planning, prioritizing, and scheduling.

- Partner with engineering to ensure designs are properly implemented.

- Incorporate user research and usability testing to iterate on product solutions.



  • Experience in digital product design end-to-end.
  • Experience managing contextual design, ethnographies and usability research.
  • Experience in prototypes and product testing.
  • Knowledge in strategies development.
  • Experience in multifunctional teams to create new products and concepts.
  • Sketch, Adobe CD and InVision knowledge.
  • Experience developing concepts, user journeys, storyboards, user flows, wireframes, prototypes, etc.

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