Salarios :Negociable / Competitivo
Ciudad de México, Ciudad de México


From lead gen to content and SEO, you'll be the owner of our website - the one responsible for its performances and its real-time alignment with our marketing strategy. Responsibilities: - Engage yourself on Lead Gen objectives on the website. - Improve conversion rates on all our pages. - Define a roadmap of optimizations and experiments to improve current performances, and implement them. - Measure and track your own KPI each week to know if we are on track, and to understand what should be done to achieve our goals. - You'll work closely with our Head of Marketing and our Head of Design to achieve our goals in terms of acquisition. .


- +3 years of running websites or acquisition for a SaaS startup or an e-commerce company. - You are either 1/ An engineer passionate about Marketing, or 2/ A marketing person who taught herself how to think like an engineer. - You can code basic stuff and are not afraid of getting your hands dirty. - You have some experience in manipulating tools such as Mixpanel, AB testing solutions and SEO. - You’re a native English speaker / can write perfectly in English. - You can also write in Spanish - bonus points for extra language as well. - You’re rational, *very well organized* and have a appetence for numbers - you take decisions by relying on data. - You’re autonomous: you can craft your own material, push it in prod, analyze its performance & optimize it without relying on someone else. - You’re creative, and can find unexpected solutions to achieve your objectives. - You understand branding and have an appetence for design; you like when things are neat and elegant. - You can work in a fast paced environment, with people in remote locations - you like organizing chaos. - Extra bonus points if you’ve worked in FinTech startups or managed a super sexy website before.

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