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The role will lead commercial strategy for the product, oversee communications & marketing campaigns across all channels, and monitor the overall execution of the operations in stores and contact center. Responsibilities: 1.Manage design and development of marketing campaigns across all channels (digital & traditional): - Define go-to-market strategy for deployment of products and monitor customer acquisition KPI targets as product gets rolled-out. - Guide growth hacking activities developed by the sales & marketing team. - Collaborate with the product, and finance & panning team on defining customer acquisition targets. - Define the most cost-effective marketing strategy to acquire and retain new customers and track ROI of campaigns. - Own and manage marketing budget. 1.Manage and continuously improve the quality of operations and service to customers: - Guarantee that all stores are fully capable of servicing the product uninterrupted. - Monitor in-store operations and design strategies to improve service to the product customers. - Guide store roll-out team and provide assistance when needed. - Oversee relationship with contact center, and ensure they are able to operate effectively. - Define strategy to open product´s mini-branches within the stores. 1.Stakeholder management: - Communicate product implementation progress to key stakeholders (e.g. General Manager, Board), and prepare reports for key decisions by Board (e.g. regional roll-out strategy). Important decisions of the role: - Agree on the strategy to be followed by the Sales & Marketing manager and team. - Approve all marketing campaigns before they are sent to production. - Sign-off on roll-out strategy to stores. - Sign-off on mini-branches openings strategy Escalate operations issues to GM and rest of organization. Challenges: - Defining strategy for aggressive customer acquisition targets. - Ensuring successful implementation of product roll-out strategy into the stores. - Allocating marketing budget to highest ROI campaigns. - Providing the best service and support to the product customers. - Leading a diverse team comprised of members from marketing and operations functions. .


- Bachelor’s degree (MBA preferred). - Minimum of 3 years experience as a Head of Sales or Marketing Manager. - Experience managing teams. - Excellent written and verbal communication skills. - Excellent teamwork skills.
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