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The role will be the owner of the new financial & payments product, responsible for its P&L and commercial parameters (e.g. pricing), and manage relationship with financial service providers. Additionally, defines the company legacy products strategy. Responsibilities: 1. Accountable for the development of the financial component of the product: - Draft key objectives and results, strategies and apply the data for the payments product to make business decisions. - Collaborate with financial product vendors to estabilsh connectivity for end-to-end processing (e.g. SPEI, ATM withrawals, etc.) - Collaborate with compliance office to ensure regulatory requirements are met. - Define payments product business model (e.g. cash-in and cash-out transaction fees, debit card pricing) and communicate product needs to business partners. - Collaborate in an agile manner with the consumer platform team and the technology team to design, develop and deploy the product. - Scope and prioritize activities based on business and customer needs and work with implementation teams to develop a holistic solution. - Solve product related problems, make decisions, complete trade-off analysis to stay on track towards business deliverable commitments. - Define the P2P product roadmap, setting up key milestones and deliverables for each development phase. 2. Responsible for defining the strategy for the company legacy products. Important decisions of the role: - Develop payments product roadmap and prioritize activities. - Define payments product cash-in and cash-out transactions fees. - Define debit card pricing. - Define incentives program to attract users. Challenges: - Working with a multidisciplinary team on the development of a new product. - Balancing between short and long term visions. - Prioritization of activities required for release. - Managing product budget. .


- Bachelor’s degree (MBA preferred). - Minimum of 3 years experience as a Product Manager. - Demonstrated success defining and launching excellent products. - Experience managing teams. - Excellent written and verbal communication skills. - Excellent teamwork skills.
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