Head of Tech Operations

Ciudad de México, Ciudad de México
$ Negociable / Competitivo (approx.)

Sobre la empresa

Banca digital.

¿Qué vas a hacer?

The Head of Tech Operations will be in charge of safeguarding the day-to-day operation of the core platform in the company.

- Manage resources for an efficient use towards meeting core operation requirements (people, budget, tools).
- Establish and follow up on SLAs for prompt attention to internal units requirements.
- Plan and execute strategies for improving performance, quality and security.
- Design standard processes and documentation for a safe operation.
- Lead to foster a goal-oriented, team-playing culture; make the right hires for a winning team.
- Oversee the quality and data security requirements are met for each process and project.
- Report on operation status within the team and among other stakeholders.
- Understand the business requirements for an efficient operation.
- Research and learn best practices and methodologies.
- Collaborate & communicate constantly with the IT development team, allowing to achieve development goals.
- Deal with partners and suppliers for successful business relationships.
- Review and improve project definition and development processes (in collaboration with IT development unit).
- Develop and execute training plans for the team.
- Provide both periodic and spontaneous feedback to their unit.

¿Qué estamos buscando?

- Bachelor degree in engineering.
- Desirable: Master’s degree, certified training in agile and PM methodologies.
- 5+ years in leading / management position in a software development team (at least 25+ people).
- Desirable: knowledgeable in fintech, entrepreneurship, startups, payments.
- Team - oriented leadership: must be able to influence and motivate his/her team, unify direction, be approachable, & ultimately be accountable for the unit’s results.
- Communication skills: must excel at being assertive and providing clear instructions to ensure proper execution; must be able to properly communicate strategies and goals.
- Interpersonal skills: must feel comfortable working under pressure and working in different projects at the same time; must have strong problem-solving and decision-making abilities.
- Negotiation skills: must be able to deal with different units, as well as suppliers, partners and team members and set the common ground in order to achieve established goals.
- Structure skills: must be able to design and follow processes, be organized and able to report.
- Business and analytical skills: must be proficient in the interpretation of data for business decision making.
- Language skills: Spanish proficiency, English proficiency (TOEFL IBT, IELTS certificates).


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