Energy Expert

Puerto Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta
$ 15,000 brutos + 20,000 comisiones brutas en media (approx.)

Sobre la empresa

Proveedor de energía solar residencial.

¿Qué vas a hacer?

We are recruiting the best of the best to be trained as Energy Expert to spread Clean Solar Energy all across Mexico. You’ll work directly with our Mexico Sales and Expansion Manager and play a critical role in achieving company’s key goals. You’ll also have the ability to help shape the company culture and spearhead some of our most important initiatives. The role entails explaining people about energy generation, production, efficiency and compare our current model with the possibility of switching to solar.

Core Activities:
- Developing and executing prospecting strategies for new customers.
- Visiting potential customers and guiding them through the decision process to go solar.
- Providing key insights for the Product, Training, Customer Enjoyment and Operations teams on customer knowledge and any issues faced in the expansion city.
- Spread company’s mission to bring clean and affordable energy to Mexico.
- Work closely with our talented student ambassadors to explain the benefits of putting solar on one’s roof at no upfront cost.
- This is a startup, you will help us innovate and build a better company.

Compensation / Benefits:
- A fun, high-caliber team that trusts you and gives you the freedom to be brilliant.
- The opportunity to learn first hand about the distributed generation regulatory scheme in México while being a part of the fastest-growing startup in the country.
- Unparalleled learning – we have access to an amazing list of advisors and investors that we actively engage on this project.
- Awesome work environment - all input and ideas matter to us.

¿Qué estamos buscando?

- You are a young yet graduated (1-5 years out of school).
- Attended a top university and did well there (high GPA or other measure of accomplishment like scholarships).
- You’re passionate about making the world a better and more sustainable place.
- You have a proven track record of success and/or being promoted in whatever you do.
- You are an entrepreneur, in love with startup culture and getting stuff done.
- You’re organized, comfortable with technology and can adapt to rapid structural changes.
- You are very comfortable speaking english and communicating concisely.
- Proactive/competitive.
- Played a competitive sport.
- Started a business or club.
- Competed in some sort of extracurricular club and did well.
- Organized.


Lu, Ma, Mi, Ju, Vi 9:00am 6:00pm

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