Hire top digital talent

The best talent, analyzed by artificial intelligence and by our experts.
Save time searching for candidates, focus your team on what it does best: interviewing and hiring talent

200+ companies have already innovated their hiring process

They hire the best talent in the areas of technology, finance or sales, reaching the most difficult talent to hire through traditional means (e.g. job boards, LinkedIn). With Listopro, you get interviews with 2 clicks with top candidates, mainly passive ones.

How does Listopro work?

We look for the best candidates

We proactively search our database for the best matches for your vacancy

Review a list of pre-filtered candidates

See their salary expectation and detailed reports

Invite them to an interview

We automatically call them for an interview. We can also integrate with your tools (ATS, Calendars)

Hire your ideal candidate

Pay per hired candidate or get a plan for your Talent team

We simplify the way to hire top talent:
3 times faster than job portals or agencies

Continuous search for the best talent

10,000+ candidates register each month, via more than 20 channels

Technology focused on attracting passive talent

We search the entire web and communicate with the best

Pre-qualification of candidates

Via artificial intelligence, tests, and a video interview, you will only meet the best

Total control via our platform

Describe your ideal profile, approve and interview the best ones, even integrations with calendar and ATS

Save time and money

We automate your process of identifying candidates and contacting them, your recruiters focus on interviewing

Support for your search

Aside from the platform, you get the support of our specialized team

Hire the best digital talent for key positions


Fullstack Developer
Frontend developer
Backend developer
Information Security
Head of Engineering
Mobile developers (iOS/Android)


Product Manager
Product Owner
User Research


UX Designer
UI / Graphic Designer
Creative designer


Business Intelligence
Data Scientist
Data Engineer

We improve the hiring process
for our clients

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does Listopro cost?
We have several plans that adapt to the size of your company, the recruitment project that you already have, and the need to have a Consultant to support you
For larger or growing companies, we work under corporate plans, where you can save greatly
In case you have few hires, you can use our Pay as you go model and pay a commission of 1 to 2 gross salaries
Is Listopro a headhunting agency?
No. Listopro is a platform that allows you to hire talent, mainly passive and pre-qualified. By using technology and artificial intelligence, we can give access to our software, so that your Talent team can use it to find talent, and contact them directly, without the need for a Consultant. If you need a service with a Consultant, Listopro provides you with one, having the benefit of someone who accompanies you, with the comfort of a 24/7 platform
I already have an ATS and a Talent team, how can I use Listopro?
We have a corporate plan, where the service is self-service. You have access to our platform and our pre-qualified candidates and you can manage the process. We integrate with several ATS (e.g. Greenhouse / Lever / Bamboo) and with your calendar, to save you time searching and hiring
You are one click away from finding the best digital talent,  #RockStars  in technology, finance and sales. Tell our platform what you are looking for, and it will introduce you to the best in  some hours…  That fast!